Theoretical Physicists in India

Theoretical Physicists in India

There are many research centers and researchers in India working in hep-th (High Energy Physics, Theory), gr-qc (General Relativity/Quantum Cosmology) and quant-ph (Quantum Physics). However they are scattered all over the place and I have not been able to find a place which lists the names of places and individuals working in these fields in India. So, I figured, why not make a list! Here is my attempt at making one. It is, hopefully, a continuing work to be expanded over time. Naturally, this list reflects my own intellectual biases and is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all researchers in theoretical physics in India.

NameInstitutionAreas of InterestPublications
Thanu PadmanabhanIUCAA, PuneClassical General Relativity, Cosmology, Emergent Gravity, Quantum GravityINSPIRE
Romesh Kaul
IMSc Chennai, CTP DelhiBlack Hole Entropy, Loop Quantum Gravity, Knot Invariants, Mathematical Physics
Dharam Vir AhluwaliaIIT Guwahati, IUCAA, Himachal Pradesh Univ
Standard Model and Beyond, Neutrino Physics, Dark MatterINSPIRE
Kinjalk LochanIISER MohaliQuantum Foundations, Black Holes, Cosmology, Quantum GravityarXiv
Golam Mortuza HossainIISER, KolkataLoop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Field Theory, Black Hole Entropy, CosmologyINSPIRE
Sushant G. GhoshCTP, DelhiBlack Holes, Classical General Relativity, Gravitational CollapseINSPIRE
Ghanshyam DateIMSc, ChennaiLoop Quantum Gravity, Gravitational Waves, High Energy Theory,INSPIRE
Arun K. PatiQIC Group, HRI, AllahabadQuantum Information, Quantum Computation, Geometric PhasesINSPIRE
Rathin AdhikariCTP, DelhiStandard Model Phenomenology, Baryogenesis, Cosmology, SupersymmetryINSPIRE
Hemwati NandanGurkul Kangri University, HaridwarQCD, Classical General Relativity, Cosmology,INSPIRE
Loganayagam R.ICTS, BengaluruString Theory, Black Holes, Quantum Field TheoryINSPIRE
Kamal Lochan PanigrahiIIT KharagpurString Theory, Quantum Gravity, High Energy TheoryINSPIRE
Kazuyuki FuruuchiManipal Center for Natural SciencesCosmology, Elementary Particles, String TheoryINSPIRE
Amitabh VirmaniInstitute of Physics, BhubaneswarString Theory, Black Holes, Mathematical PhysicsINSPIRE

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